About Us




Kym Ingram the founder of Love It Designs, a home decorating brand providing design services, home goods, and more.  The brand was created out of love for design, and a desire to make every home comfortable, personable and inviting. Kym began decorating at an early age. She would often dream of cleaning her parent's home, rearranging furniture, and decorating.  One day, Kym asked her mother if she could varnish the columns that separated the living room from the family room.  Her mother said yes.  Ever since that day, Kym has been painting.  She is often accompanied with a paint brush and a can of paint, as she cleans her home.  Her husband often says you like "New New", and she smiles and laughs. Throughout the years, Kym's passion for design has grown even stronger.  Although she served 26 years in the United States Navy, and subsequently 10 years as a College President, she always found time to provide design services to family and friends.   After attaining her Doctoral Degree in Business Administration, in 2017, Kym launched her design services on a full time basis, and in September 2018 a decorating magazine, "Love It Designs".  Since then, her brand has expanded online to offering full home decorating services, home good products and more.  Kym is excited about this addition to her brand, and she is grateful for the constant support from her Husband, Kwame and their two sons Kwame II and Kquane-David.